Providing professional construction services for over 130 years

About Us

For over a century, Sauer has been committed to providing construction services that deliver superior performance and value. Our expertise and resources are recognized as best in class in the General and Specialty Contracting Industry. We are positioned to offer the professional personnel, technology and strength of a national firm coupled with the flexibility, fast response time and local decision making of a regional enterprise. Sauer provides quality construction services on small scale assignments to complex projects well over $50 million.

Long term relationships with our clients is of utmost importance, as is a corporate culture that fosters integrity, a commitment to performance and quality, and most important, a safe working environment. We develop and efficiently implement cost effective, innovative services that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our companies, Sauer inc., Sauer Group, Inc, Ruthrauff / Sauer and Ruthrauff Service, LLC are part of Sauer Holdings, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our History

This is the story of Sauer Incorporated, one of America's oldest firms in the field of Specialty Contracting. It is a story of sanitation and of central heating, ventilation and air conditioning... and how a Pittsburgh based company countered the problem of urban and industrial health by providing facilities for sanitation and comfort.

Perhaps nothing typifies America's advances so intimately as these practical, daily conveniences: hygiene through good plumbing and sanitation, comfort through centralized heating and ventilation. Hence, the story of Sauer's growth is an organic part of the story of America's growth.

Sauer Incorporated was born in a time of stress and change. America in 1876 was still recovering from the Civil War. It was a nation of people who had fought hard for their convictions, and in this fight had exhausted much of the available resources of the country. State by state people began the job of spiritual rebuilding. Then followed that almost miraculous spiral of industrial growth. Pennsylvania was truly the "keystone" in this surge of progress, and Pittsburgh set the pace in the climb to industrial prominence. William N. Sauer was born in old Allegheny, now the North Side of Pittsburgh, on February 11, 1858, at the time city sewage systems were first introduced in the nation. On Sauer's 18th birthday in 1876 Bill received a gift of $50 from his mother. With this money he started a small plumbing business... the seed of the business we know today as Sauer Incorporated.